While designing my room’s window I used to create a handy curtain and as well as a handy drawing on the top right corner of it.

It was a cute bee I painted on my wall near the window.

What you need is a piece of chalk to sketch it and some paints to color it.

And when it comes to the window curtain, It is somewhat different from the others. It is a little window and I needed more sunlight and the wind from it too. So I used an old classic style for the curtain and it was really a simple one.

You need only a piece of fabric, fabric paint and something to draw circles.

Well, as usual my photos are not good.

I put few sunny colors on it.

Here how it looks like. Some people said this looks like a toffee. 🙂

After that the bee comes,

Work was going on.

I’ve always wished to live with paintings surrounded me, so it was great to make it real.

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