Movie day: Modern Times

September 21, 2010

Modern Times (1936) is a very old movie. I was so interested in it because the main actor is Charlie Chaplin(Charles Chaplin), one of my favorite actors but I never watched a full movie before which he has acted the main role. After watching Modern Times I realized that dialogues are no longer necessary for a movie. The communication between the movie and the audience has been done nicely with only a few dialogues. I love the story even. How he felt in love with a girl who lives in the street and so on……………………………

This is how some dialogues are shown – “Between Chaplin and the police officer”

The stupid answer from Chaplin..........

The stupid answer………….

The Buckingham Palace gamin takes Chaplin after he came from the prison. Oh yes he was very happy about this.

The Buckingham Palace gamin takes Chaplin after he came from the prison. Oh yes he was very happy about this.

Well, love is so  wonderful……


How to Train Your Dragon

September 14, 2010

It becomes movie day, as my first blog post in for Movie Day I write something about an interesting movie. How to Train Your Dragon is an animated fantasy film. Adults may not be interested in this but it is really a sensitive one.  I also felt in love with this cute innocent Night Fury – the toothless. Even though this is not my favorite movie, this is one of movies which make contact with my heart.

It Is Cricket

September 6, 2010

I was wandering where I can find cricket from A to Z. The first thing appeared in my mind was Internet. Yeah it is a good solution, as we are the globalized generation, we are given wanted and unwanted pieces of information through the Internet.

But sometimes our older things become golden things. As we refer Internet for everything, it doesn’t mean that it is the most interested one. While surfing through my mind suddenly I got the point, It is a book – From the age that I was able to read to now the books are the most interested and most loved. They are so genius.
Why am I saying all these wacky things because I found a book. I don’t know whether it is included A to Z cricket in it, because it is an annual publication. But somehow I may be able to find what raises cricket mania.
It is called the Wisden Cricketers’ Almanack.
It is a huge book. But I’m not going to be the online publisher of this, by typing all the pages on my blog.
But someone may be able to see a pinch of cricket that was taken by the wisden, available in my blog.
Wisden is founded in 1864, by the English cricketer John Wisden.
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