Evening On Weekends

October 1, 2010

It is Friday. Since I was a school girl, I love Friday coz it brings me elegant thoughts and ideas. Today, I’m, as a 24 years old matured girl still I love Fridays. School days I was in a hostel and used to go home weekly on Friday (after school). So for me weekend starts from fascinating Friday evening. Those days either I got a seat in the bus or not I peeped  from the shutters to absorb everything on my way home, it reminded me  my sweet home, the tea I get from my mom at the evenings and how we ran around with my friends our neighbor’s  estate. I love mostly the sunshine in the evening. (Sad I don’t have any photos with me to show you)

The sunlight becomes reddish orange. (Witch’s sunlight)

Wake up late in the Saturday morning, reading a book, keeping on my lap while having my bed tea is still my daily routine on weekends. What a comfortable day.

On weekend mornings usually I do something to decorate our home. Sew a new curtain for our kitchen window or make a wall hanging for an empty space on the wall, or whatever takes me far away from the ugly week day routing.

Well.. I’m not a good photographer.. however I hanged this in our living room.  (Sometimes this may seems as a drawing by a nursery child, believe me one person told me it. Nothing to do. 🙂 )

This is not a total drawing. I used ribbons to make some flowers and leaves and some flowers and leaves and the basket was painted. Everything was done on a hand loom fabric.

Later I hope to show you how to do some simple things like these.

Well.. everything proves me that I’m not even suitable for take a simple photo.

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