How love begins

September 21, 2010

He is so lovely. At the same time he is a fascinating and smart guy. He knows that he is, but I don’t know whether he knew it before we met. Anyway I’m sure, now he knows it because I used to tell him that every time. No need any reason, either we were talking over the phone or wandering on the busy roads with our fingers crossed each other, suddenly I tell him. (Oh……. The words I use are my own and sometimes no other can understand) It is loved to see his respond that is a one of most delectable moments.

Today I remind all these things because I got a great idea to surprise him.

You can see it via inchmark. Brooke Reynolds has given her husband a gorgeous birthday gift. Anyone can try it today without waiting for the birthday even.

I do not believe in birthday gifts, because they are given once a year. So I make little surprises.  Sometimes the surprise may be a verse sent via email or a cute little teddy bear kept in a very old cardboard box but nicely wrapped with a paper or whatever makes him to shows me my favorite smile between his lips.

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