Drawing on the wall

October 29, 2010

When our family decided to give a new look to our sweet home, I thought which color should I choose to paint my room. So I went through some paint shop sites in Sri Lanka and check few colors. Finally I used pink color for my room. I wanted to give a totally different inspiring look to my room and I was thinking what I should do. What ever I do it must be a simple DIY design, because I don’t have much money and as well as I would like to experience a new handy work my self.

Specially I needed to draw something on my wall. I drew a tree on the entrance wall, and I love it.

Anyway this is not difficult and also I didn’t follow any professional steps even to get this one on my wall. I Just sketched the tree and the other stuff using a chalk and painted it using fabric paint. Ohh! It is not a must to use fabric paint, whatever paint I get simply color the stuff. Sometimes I may go for some wood paints even if I think the color is matching with the rest. 🙂

At the corner(end) of the wall I drew some half parts of leaves and it gives a natural look of a tree.

I love this owl too.

However anyone can try this out, draw something leisurely and  let it be anything. Surely it refreshes me every time I see it. It’s me who drew it, and I’m proud of it :).


3 Responses to “Drawing on the wall”

  1. cupcakesandwhiskey Says:

    love the simplicity behind it, such a great idea!



  2. apinchofit Says:


    Thanks for your words!!!

  3. cjm Says:

    You give a great message to others,how can we use our lessure time for the usefull things.Also these things refreshes ourselves.I’m really appreciate this…….

    Theruwan saranai!

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