Rounded up the window screen

November 19, 2010

I’m little sleepy these days. Living surrounded by rain is not easy, sometimes it gives us strength but sometimes it brings us lazy thoughts. Rain brings romance, I know, but this busy world never ever understands how beautiful it is and never ever let anyone to feel it even. How cruel!!!!!!!!  Now he has become a busy bee in his world and here I’m as a lonely cloud 🙂

So these days we can do something without going out. It is a new kind of window curtain. Credit goes to design*sponge, which I really loved to get ideas and never missed any posts that impressed me. It is a DIY project by chela edmunds.  You can see the full idea from hear.

This is the chela's one which I got from D*S


But in my version I have changed the color of the fabric as well as the size. I used a silk material, and then when the day light comes from outside the curtain will shine and it will bring more brightness to the room. Yes my room is having a wide window but its height is only 2 feet. And it is about 3 feet up from the floor. So if I used a thick linen fabric then the room will be gloomier.

It took whole day for me to cut the circles.

And finally I got a basket of circles for my curtain 🙂

When it goes to hanging, I used to add something more. I took a piece from the rest of the fabric and fold and sew it on one side of the first row of the curtain and put a wire through it. Then I hang it using two clips.


While designing my room’s window I used to create a handy curtain and as well as a handy drawing on the top right corner of it.

It was a cute bee I painted on my wall near the window.

What you need is a piece of chalk to sketch it and some paints to color it.

And when it comes to the window curtain, It is somewhat different from the others. It is a little window and I needed more sunlight and the wind from it too. So I used an old classic style for the curtain and it was really a simple one.

You need only a piece of fabric, fabric paint and something to draw circles.

Well, as usual my photos are not good.

I put few sunny colors on it.

Here how it looks like. Some people said this looks like a toffee. 🙂

After that the bee comes,

Work was going on.

I’ve always wished to live with paintings surrounded me, so it was great to make it real.

Hanging wood on the wall

November 5, 2010

Well this time I got a great idea for a wood wall hanging rather than using any fabrics. I found two wood pieces from our store room while I was looking something – anything which I can use to design our wall. They were two pieces but I broke each in to two and I got nice 2 feet in length four pieces of wood with me.

I keep the edges of the wood pieces as it is. Then I leisurely pure few drops of fabric paint on wood surface and rubbed using paint brush.

While making contact with the wood surface I didn’t insert a lot of pressure on it. Every time I kept my hand and the brush moving quickly.

After that I drew a tea cup with white color.

I’m done.

Finally, While hanging this on the wall, I kept a 1/2 inch distance between each piece and it gives really an awesome look. Or else it is possible to paste these pieces on a piece of gunny and hang it on the wall.

Oh it is nice. Most of the people who visits us keep their eyes on this at least for 10 seconds.

Drawing on the wall

October 29, 2010

When our family decided to give a new look to our sweet home, I thought which color should I choose to paint my room. So I went through some paint shop sites in Sri Lanka and check few colors. Finally I used pink color for my room. I wanted to give a totally different inspiring look to my room and I was thinking what I should do. What ever I do it must be a simple DIY design, because I don’t have much money and as well as I would like to experience a new handy work my self.

Specially I needed to draw something on my wall. I drew a tree on the entrance wall, and I love it.

Anyway this is not difficult and also I didn’t follow any professional steps even to get this one on my wall. I Just sketched the tree and the other stuff using a chalk and painted it using fabric paint. Ohh! It is not a must to use fabric paint, whatever paint I get simply color the stuff. Sometimes I may go for some wood paints even if I think the color is matching with the rest. 🙂

At the corner(end) of the wall I drew some half parts of leaves and it gives a natural look of a tree.

I love this owl too.

However anyone can try this out, draw something leisurely and  let it be anything. Surely it refreshes me every time I see it. It’s me who drew it, and I’m proud of it :).

Evening On Weekends

October 1, 2010

It is Friday. Since I was a school girl, I love Friday coz it brings me elegant thoughts and ideas. Today, I’m, as a 24 years old matured girl still I love Fridays. School days I was in a hostel and used to go home weekly on Friday (after school). So for me weekend starts from fascinating Friday evening. Those days either I got a seat in the bus or not I peeped  from the shutters to absorb everything on my way home, it reminded me  my sweet home, the tea I get from my mom at the evenings and how we ran around with my friends our neighbor’s  estate. I love mostly the sunshine in the evening. (Sad I don’t have any photos with me to show you)

The sunlight becomes reddish orange. (Witch’s sunlight)

Wake up late in the Saturday morning, reading a book, keeping on my lap while having my bed tea is still my daily routine on weekends. What a comfortable day.

On weekend mornings usually I do something to decorate our home. Sew a new curtain for our kitchen window or make a wall hanging for an empty space on the wall, or whatever takes me far away from the ugly week day routing.

Well.. I’m not a good photographer.. however I hanged this in our living room.  (Sometimes this may seems as a drawing by a nursery child, believe me one person told me it. Nothing to do. 🙂 )

This is not a total drawing. I used ribbons to make some flowers and leaves and some flowers and leaves and the basket was painted. Everything was done on a hand loom fabric.

Later I hope to show you how to do some simple things like these.

Well.. everything proves me that I’m not even suitable for take a simple photo.

Jumbled days with chaotic mind

September 30, 2010

Last few days I was looking for some new ideas and concepts for my blog. But still I’m stuck. Still Planning. I wander what the reason is.

Yes. No help from him yet. 🙂 (Oh…… his smile on the lips while reading my blog is one of greatest help.)

However I got some snaps, which were taken few months ago but still I love them.

Sitting on a bench, having some Vadei(A Sri Lankan snack) with fried shrimp, prawns and sometimes crabs on it………

What a taste……….

How love begins

September 21, 2010

He is so lovely. At the same time he is a fascinating and smart guy. He knows that he is, but I don’t know whether he knew it before we met. Anyway I’m sure, now he knows it because I used to tell him that every time. No need any reason, either we were talking over the phone or wandering on the busy roads with our fingers crossed each other, suddenly I tell him. (Oh……. The words I use are my own and sometimes no other can understand) It is loved to see his respond that is a one of most delectable moments.

Today I remind all these things because I got a great idea to surprise him.

You can see it via inchmark. Brooke Reynolds has given her husband a gorgeous birthday gift. Anyone can try it today without waiting for the birthday even.

I do not believe in birthday gifts, because they are given once a year. So I make little surprises.  Sometimes the surprise may be a verse sent via email or a cute little teddy bear kept in a very old cardboard box but nicely wrapped with a paper or whatever makes him to shows me my favorite smile between his lips.

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